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Direct Partner with Google for Widevine DRM

Secure Hosting for Healthcare Videos for all medical use cases

VdoCipher is now integrable with your favorite LMS

Features to take care of your Healthcare Videos

Video DRM Encryption

Videos hosted through us can’t be downloaded via any plugin, tool, or hack. Our Hollywood-grade DRM ensures protection from piracy

Custom HTML5 Player

Stream videos with our customized smart video player with subtitles, multiple qualities & speed change, compatible with all devices

Amazon AWS Server + CDN

Our Videos are hosted via Amazon AWS and we provide CDN to ensure your video can stream seamlessly across 6 continents.

Advanced Video Analytics

With our analytics dashboard, you can keep track of your user’s total views, the number of videos finished average watch percent etc.


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Medical Test Prep

Deliver high-quality healthcare videos to help students prepare for medical exams by utilizing our robust analytics to monitor student engagement and progress.

  • Engage and Educate
  • Track Progress
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Medical Training

    Undergraduate & Postgraduate Medical Training

    Enhance traditional learning experiences with interactive medical assistant videos with confidentiality of your educational materials through our top-notch security features.

  • Interactive Learning
  • Secure Hosting
  • Virtual Healthcare Services

    Virtual Healthcare Services

    Facilitate virtual consultations and medical services with seamless video hosting and share informative healthcare videos to educate patients on treatments and procedures.

  • Telemedicine
  • Home Treatment
  • Health and Fitness

    Health and Fitness

    Stream workout routines, yoga classes, and other fitness videos seamlessly to share advice and cooking demonstrations with your audience.

  • Fitness Training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Medical Documentation and Procedures

    Medical Documentation and Procedures

    Share surgical procedures and medical techniques securely with peers or students along with important medical documentation and instructional videos.

  • Procedure Demonstrations
  • Documentation
  • Patient Education

    Patient Education

    Educate the patients about diagnosis and treatment plan through pre-recorded videos which can be watched multiple times as per the flexibility of patients.

  • Diagnosis
  • Self Instructions
  • Success Stories from the Medical Sector

    We provide virtual consultations and health guidance to over 50,000 patients nationwide. VdoCipher's video infrastructure integration was seamless, and VdoCipher's support team was exceptionally helpful throughout the process, making them a reliable partner in our digital healthcare journey.

    With a dedicated base of aspiring medical professionals, we needed a robust, scalable infrastructure that could also safeguard against content piracy. VdoCipher's CDN + player solution impeccably met our security and stability requirements.

    We have been a satisfied VdoCipher customer for 3 years with a community of 10,000+ students and 300+ medical educators. The continuous improvements and updates to their product have significantly enhanced our online teaching capabilities, making medical education more accessible and engaging.

    We offer virtual post-operative consultations to over 5,000+ patients across our network. VdoCipher's DRM security ensures the privacy and trust in our recorded intstruction videos. The integration process was a breeze, thanks to VdoCipher's diligent team who were there at every step.

    More than 2,500+ Business across 120+ Countries trust VdoCipher

    User Based Security Analytics side banner image

    User Based Security Analytics

    Find out how your users are consuming your videos. With viewer based analytics you understand watch pattern of your videos. You can see individual usage of different courses and how they fare. Figure out if there is any sort of password sharing happening by looking at individual video consumption. Finding out account whose consumption is way higher than it ideally should be.

    Unparalleled Customer Support banner image

    Unparalleled Customer Support

    At VdoCipher, we're your dedicated partner in success. Benefit from personalized guidance with our account managers, enjoy fast support via WhatsApp and call. Our support engineers are just a text or call away. Get exclusive early access to our latest beta features. Together, we're committed to ensuring your video endeavors thrive.


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