Encryption technologies used to protect Premium Videos


Encryption is the process of scrambling the video file, so that the video can only be played using the authorized content keys

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM systems manage the content keys used to encrypt the video, and to provide a secure environment in which video is decrypted


Widevine DRM is Google's DRM licensing technology for streaming encrypted videos in Chrome, Android and Chromecast


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) is the encryption algorithm used by DRM systems to encrypt videos

Web and mobile technologies that deliver the best streaming experiences

Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive Streaming video players switch the video resolution to the best possible quality based on network connectivity

Server Side Code

Server-side code processes user input and delivers HTML, CSS and Javascript files to the user-requested web page


WordPress is a free Content Management System that is used to build fully functional and customizable websites

Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs are interfaces using which computer systems, including web applications, communicate with each other

How OTT revolutionized the way we watch films and TV


Over-the-top (OTT) services deliver entertainment videos using the internet as the medium, as opposed to over a cable network.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand is the paradigm of video content being available for viewing by consumers at any time at their leisure

Digital Media Player

Digital Media players are devices that can be used to stream videos over the internet on television sets.

How video is making learning accessible across the world

Flipped Learning

In the Flipped Learning approach, students are introduced to the learning material before class, and classroom time is used for active problem solving and informed peer discussion.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs are open online courses that are available to learners across the world, free of charge

Experience API

Experience API is an API standard used by elearning systems to record students' learning experience.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit website that provides short educational videos for students across the world, for free.

The basics of video production - to help you deliver the best videos


Storyboarding is the process of graphically laying out the structure of a video on a shot-by-shot basis.

Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production is the process of converting raw video footage to the final produced video

Three Point Lighting System

Three Point Lighting system is a method used to light the subject when filming videos

Wide Angle Lens

A wide-angle is a lens that captures a wider field of view ahead of it, owing to a shorter focal length

We explain the business models being used by content creators

SVOD - Subscription Video on Demand

Subscription Video on Demand business model provides access to a library of video content to users at a fixed monthly (or yearly price)

TVOD - Transactional Video on Demand

In Transactional Video on Demand business model viewers purchase a title directly to view it.

AVOD - Advertising Video on Demand

In Advertising Video on Demand model, the primary revenue source for content creators is from advertisements shown pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.

Paywall and Content Restriction

Paywall refers to sections of a website that are only accessible for paying subscribers.