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Video Encryption & Security

  • How much security does VdoCipher provide ?

    VdoCipher provides security through high secure DRM encryption and authentication technology. No Internet based downloader can download & play videos from VdoCipher. You can try using any tool and try to play the file, it will not play as it is encrypted with Google Widevine DRM (Same as used by likes of Netflix, Hotstar etc). Additionally , VdoCipher can provide dynamic watermarking to prevent redistribution through screen captures.
    Detailed Videos on DRM & Watermark security

  • How to implement viewer specific watermarking feature ?

    Please check this link for watermark implementation.
    Watermarking explanation and integration tutorial video. User ID, IP address and Email ID can be set as moving/ static watermark.

  • Does VdoCipher provide domain/URL whitelisting?

    The plugins & API integration default include URL whitelisting. For iframes, you can add whitelist for your website from the video embed settings.
    A sample demo is here.

  • Can I restrict my users based on total watch time ?

    You can do so with little bit of code as explained in sample here. We provide codes to calculate total watch time during a playback session.

Integrating VdoCipher

  • How can I integrate VdoCipher with my site/app ?

    You can click on 'Embed' button below any video on dashboard to check all methods to integrate in your site/app with highest security.

    VdoCipher has lot of tutorial videos explaining plugin/API/SDK/iframe integrations.

    Upload Embed Overview tutorial video

    If above tutorials and embed module on dashboard doesn't make it clear for you, kindly create a support ticket from support section of our dashboard. We will be happy to help.

  • How do I integrate VdoCipher with WordPress?

    We have a plugin for WordPress. Here is a blog explaining the integration.

  • I want to embed videos on my site made in PHP/ASP/.NET/Ruby on Rails /NodeJS/React. How can I do so ?

    We have dynamically generated embed codes for secure integration. Please click on Embed button below a video in the dashboard to get the embed code. Check out our API document page and API tutorial video for more details

  • How do I integrate VdoCipher with Moodle?

    We have a Moodle plugin for playing secure videos. We make regular updates to our player versions. Please contact us for support with integration

  • How do I find iframe to embed in my HTML website ?

    We recommend you to use our plugins & APIs for better customisable experience. But if it is necessary, we do provide an iframe with whitelist option to embed. Please click on the embed button below any of your video in dashboard to generate the iframe. Here is a demo tutorial. Please only use your site domain without any HTTP/HTTPS/www for whitelist. E.g Use mysite.com as whitelist option.

  • The whitelist option with iframe does not work for me. Please guide.

    Please only use your site domain (no HTTP, HTTPS, www for whitelist). E.g , use mysite.com as whitelist option. (Not www.mysite.com, or Not http://www.mysite.com )

  • I want to share my uploaded video to a user, I don’t have a website. How can I do so ?

    Please check the embed button below the video in dashboard. Click on embed, go to quick Embed option. Select the parameters. Generate URL. Select the page option , here you can see the video page URL. This plays secure video which cannot be downloaded. Tutorial video

  • My embedded video is playing in Flash instead of HTML5, what can I do ?

    Please ensure that the videos are embedded onto your site with HTTPS domain or localhost. The HTML5 player security works only in HTTPS/localhost. HTTP domains cant support HTML5 secure player. There are some other things to ensure as explained in this blog.

  • Does VdoCipher integration include Server & CDN ?

    Yes, we use top tier servers- Amazon AWS S3 & Amazon Cloudfront CDN for streaming. Video explanation of VdoCipher AWS Server & CDN infrastructure.

  • I have some requirements which are not mentioned anywhere on site. Can VdoCipher help me out?

    Yes, we would be happy to hear from you at support@vdocipher.com

Using VdoCipher

Custom Player

  • Can I customize the player features ?

    The player is customisable to certain extent. There are pre-set theme options we provide you to choose from.. Please look at the player tutorial page for all player features & customisation.


  • I want to know which of my videos are performing well and which are not. Can I use VdoCipher to know that ?

    Yes, VdoCipher provides report on video playbacks, bandwidth & storage consumption to gauge your performance . You can choose the duration over which you can watch the detailed usage reports. The analytics can be seen in the Dashboard here. For more details - Analytics tutorial video

Pricing, Payments and Bandwidth

  • How much bandwidth and storage is included in the free trial ?

    Free trial is valid for 30 days, 4 videos, 5 GB bandwidth as limit.

  • Are the plans annual or monthly? Is the bandwidth annual or monthly?

    All the plans on pricing page are for annual basis. The bandwidth and storage mentioned is also on yearly basis. We don’t automatic deduct your card for annual payments, you need to pay manually each year.

  • Can I pay through means other than paypal ?

    Yes, we now have a direct card payment option and a paypal check out option in our account section. The paypal check out option also provides an option to pay directly from a card. If you are from India or a country where you are not able to pay directly using credit card/paypal, contact us to get bank details for direct online transfer.

  • Is there any taxes extra apart from pricing ?

    Only if you are from India, GST at 18% is applicable apart from the pricing.

  • Can I pay separately for bandwidth and storage ?

    Firstly, You need to choose one of the available plans. Then you can ask us for some extra bandwidth or storage over it. We can thus make custom plans for you. The overage pricing for bandwidth and storage is already mentioned in each of the plan details.

  • How is bandwidth calculated?

    Bandwidth is calculated as the total data transferred for video streaming . If a 200 MB video is played 10 times a day, then bandwidth consumed would be 200MB*10 = 2 GB . Please note that actual size of online video generally varies from what you upload. We mostly reduce the video sizes for online playback & never increase video sizes higher than the default uploaded.
    Bandwidth and Storage calculation & Accounting Detailed Explanation.

  • How is the storage calculated?

    Storage is defined as the sum total sizes of the videos you upload and the encrypted versions we create for online playback. Please note that we need to create high secure different encrypted files for Desktop, Android and IOS + multiple quality files. Thus, the actual storage generally varies anywhere from 2-5 times of what you upload.
    Bandwidth and Storage calculation & Accounting Detailed Explanation

  • How is ‘hours of streaming’ estimated ? Is the pricing based on bandwidth or ‘hours of streaming’.

    The actual pricing is based on bandwidth and not hours of streaming. Hours of streaming is an estimate based on 600 kbps of video size (About 270 MB/hour) which is generally quite good for lecture content. For Movie content, the sizes can vary from 1000 to 1500 kbps, thus the hours of streaming estimate can be halved.
    Bandwidth and Storage calculation & Accounting Detailed Explanation.
    Blog explaining bitrate quality definition and VdoCipher bitrate settings

  • How can I get discounts for pricing?

    If you are planning to buy bandwidth and storage credits of plans greater than that mentioned on pricing page, we would provide discounts for such bulk purchases.Please fill the form here , we will help you estimate the numbers and provide discounted pricing.

  • How can I estimate how much bandwidth will I require?

    If you are unable to estimate bandwidth and storage for your use case, Please fill the form here , we will help you estimate the numbers based on numbers provided by you.

  • What happens if my bandwidth/storage credit goes to zero?

    Your videos will NOT suddenly stop playing. Before the credit reaches to zero, we shall try to tell you with email notification. If your credit goes to zero, the bandwidth and storage will be charged with negative balance till the overage limit.

  • What is the overage limit if the credits goes to zero and videos continue playing?

    The overage limit is determined with your usage of the service. The overage limit is zero in case of free plan and increases as you keep using VdoCipher.

  • How often is the account data updated?

    The bandwidth and storage credit are updated daily.