Smart HTML5 Video Player

Dynamic Player controls for the best viewer experience

 Adaptive Multi-bitrate Playback

  Playback Speed Change

 Multi-Language Subtitles

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Delight your Viewers with our HTML5 Video Player

  •   HD Streaming at low bitrates for lecture content

  •   Choose from pre-available 9 player themes

  •   Easy embed options using iFrame, plugins and API

  •   CTAs like button/forms enabled via Script code

Sleep easy knowing that your videos are secure with VdoCipher.


Speed Change & Subtitles

Dynamic controls to change playback speed and skip/rewind. Option for Multi-lingual subtitles.


Multi-device HTML5 Player

HTML5 player for Desktops, and SDKs for iOS and Android. 


Video Analytics

Get details about how your users are watching your video, across the globe
See it here  


Secure Downloads in Android

Enable your Users to watch your videos even when offline with secure Android App downloads
Guide to Enabling In-App Video Download  


Theme Options for HTML5 Player

Choose from 9 available beautiful themes with varied designs and colors to ensure best viewer experience.

Theme change tutorial


Custom Overlay and Tracking

JavaScript API to add overlay buttons and track viewer interactions with video
Player customisation and CTA via code 
Sample Overlay (10s of video)  

'I have used VdoCipher’s services to protect my intellectual property in specialist legal framework webinars in UK. I have had help to whitelist videos for customer intranets, and found that the customer service is efficient. The package gives me peace of mind.'

Belinda Schwehr

Care and Health Law, UK