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Direct Partner with Google for Widevine DRM

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Awarded Readers' Choice Best Video Security (DRM) Company by 'Streaming Media Europe Magazine

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DRM Encryption & Other Security features to ensure protection from piracy

Video DRM Encryption

Videos are DRM encrypted during encoding, and can only be decrypted on the VdoCipher media player.

Dynamic Watermarking

Discourage screen capture in websites with user based watermark like IP address, user id, email id, phone no. etc.

Protection against Rooted Devices

VdoCipher uses enhanched Google Play Integrity and DRM protection for emulator, rooted, and hacked devices.

Android SDK for Security on Mobile

Integration with Google's Widevine DRM to disable screen capture and ensure Hollywood-grade security on app.

User based Security Analytics

VdoCipher uses AI based Video Analytics to enhance viewer experience, deter password sharing, prevent misuse, and increase revenues.

Disable Screen Capture on iOS

Complete Security on iOS Devices, including blocking screen capture via optional Fairplay DRM integration softwares.

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Google's Widevine DRM to Prevent Download

Widevine DRM is a widely used DRM licensing and encryption technology owned and maintained by Google. It protects your videos from being downloaded illegally on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Secure Your Videos

Fairplay DRM Prevents Piracy on Apple Devices

Fairplay is Apple’s DRM technology, which is used by Apple exclusively to stream content securely on iOS app, iOS safari, macOS safari as well as TV OS.

Ensure Piracy Protection

Dynamic Watermarking To Discourage Screen Capture

With dynamic watermarking your can put an text overlay on videos you can display user information such as ip, email address, user id etc on the video.This helps in dettering screen capture and identifying any origin of piracy.

Prevent Screen Capture

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Sayak Rana

We provide premium Hollywood & Bollywood movies for 100,000+ viewers. VdoCipher DRM security is an essential part of our infrastructure. Integration and compatibility are key aspects of DRM offering, supported well by VdoCipher

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TIME Education Platform

Abhijeet Jagirdar

TIME is a Leading Test prep institute with 50,000+ enrolled students. Key feature requirements are scalable robust infrastructure with security from piracy. VdoCipher CDN + player was apt in meeting our security and stability needs.

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Care and Health Law

Belinda Schwehr

I have used VdoCipher’s services to protect my intellectual property in specialist legal framework webinars in UK. I have had help to whitelist videos for customer intranets, and found that the customer service is efficient. The package gives me peace of mind

What is DRM & Multi DRM ?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) as the word suggests relates to managing and securing the digital right of content. In particular to Video, DRM typically stands for the protocols built by Google, Apple & Microsoft to secure content in various devices & browsers. This includes high secure encryption and licensing technologies to prevent video download and prevent also screen capture in certain cases.

The video DRM protocols are essentially maintained by likes of Google & Apple but are implemented and provided as a final packaged solution by companies like VdoCipher. E.g VdoCipher is a direct partner with Google for Widevine DRM & integrates it as a default security component in its solution for customers.

DRM based encryption is better than standard open-source encryption because the key exchange mechanism is higher secure & black-boxed in case of DRM supported video playback. Multi-DRM for videos - A single video DRM is not enough to secure content on all browsers and devices. At least 2 DRMs. Google Widevine DRM & Apple Fairplay DRM are required for a complete compatibility package.


What is Multi DRM?

What is Widevine used for?

Is there any limit on bandwidth and storage?

Is video download and screen capture prevented on all devices?

How can I integrate vdocipher with my site or app?

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